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Establishing of geography-based restrictions for an app

Backendless Service Platform offers a specific feature for some apps that need the geography-based restrictions.

It is especially useful for the developer whose license agreement explicitly prohibits users from specific countries, or if, for example, an app fits to allow users only from a specific country. 

This Backendless feature allows a developer to select the countries where users would not be allowed to consume the backend of an app. 

The feature relies on geo-decoding user's IP address and Backendless offers the best way to maintain the mapping between the IP - addresses and the countries they are assigned to. 

If a country is selected as one where the APIs for an app should not be allowed, then any request a user from that country makes would be rejected. 

To configure geography-based restrictions is an extremely easy and rapid process if following the next steps:

  1. Login to Backendless console, select an app and click the Users icon.
  2. Click the Security and Restrictions menu.
  3. Start typing the name of a country to restrict access for in the Geographical Restrictions drop-down list.
  4. Console will show any matches using an "intelli-sense" style prompt:
  5. Select the countries using the corresponding checkboxes and click Apply

Any changes in the interface take immediate effect for the application.

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