Backendless Support

Export of application data (settings, data tables, geopoints)

With Backendless all data accumulated on the server-side belongs to a developer - the owner of the application. If a developer ever needs to extract all the data from the backend, this can be accomplished the simplest way possible - the Backendless console makes it trivially easy. 

Data export produces a ZIP file which may contain:

  • application settings
  • data tables with data or just schema definition
  • geopoints

The export process is quite sophisticated - it takes into consideration any relationships which may exist between the data tables as well as data-to-geo relations. 

The Backendless console provides a way to select the data tables you need to get an export for or with a single click you can select all available data tables.

Likewise, a developer can select either specific geocategories or all of them for export which will include the corresponding geopoints.

The format of the exported data is JSON for application settings and CSV for data records and geopoints. The export functionality is available at Manage > Export in the Backendless console. 

The screenshot below illustrates the export user interface:

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