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Lockout a user account upon unsuccessful logins

It has happened to a lot of people, especially with the online banking applications - you try logging in a couple of times and get your password wrong. Then the screen changes saying the account is locked out and you need to try again in XX minutes. 

It is extremely simple possible to add such option to an app with Backendless:

  1. Login to console, select an app and click the Users icon.
  2. Click the Login menu.
  3. There will appear two sections on the screen: Lock User Account and Unlock User Account:
  4. The Lock User Account controls how many unsuccessful logins would be tolerated by the backend before the account is locked out. Use the slider to adjust the value. There is also an option to allow unlimited unsuccessful logins.
  5. The Unlock User Account controls the amount of time a user has to wait before the account is unlocked and the user can try logging in again.
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