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Mapping a domain name to a Backendless file storage

Backendless File storage can be used to host web applications. The file storage includes a special directory - "/web" which is used to host web application content. Since the default URLs for files in your file storage are rather long and use the domain, it may be desirable to map a custom domain name to your Backendless backend and specifically the file storage.

NOTE: at the time of writing of this post, this feature is available for the applications in the Backendless Plus pricing plan, but that may change in the future.

Before proceeding with the instructions for mapping a domain name, make sure to add a credit card and switching to the Backendless Plus plan using the Billing screen located in the Manage section of Backendless console.

The domain name mapping feature is available in Backendless console:

  1. Login to Backendless console, select an app, click the Manage icon.
  2. Select the Custom Domain option from the scroll to drop-down list or scroll the page to the Custom Domain section.
  3. The section provides the instructions, but in short what you need to do is:
    • Go to your DNS admin and create a CNAME record.
    • The record must map your domain name to
    • Once the mapping is established, return back to Backendless console and copy the domain name to the Domain name field.
    • Click the Save button to save the changes.

For the sample there has been created a CNAME alias for a subdomain on a owned domain name:

Once the CNAME alias was registered. I updated my Backendless backend with the domain name: 

Then index.html located in the web folder was updated with some very basic content: 

Finally, when a developer navigates to, the following browser will be got:

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