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Obtaining file's public URL for files in File Storage

Any file in the Backendless File storage is also accessible through a public URL. This functionality can be restricted by changing security settings. Public file URL can be built using the following format:

<a href="<a href=" https:="""" <application"=""><application< a="">"><application">https://...</application<></a> id>/<version name="">/files/<path>/<file name=""></file></path></version>

where <application id>  <path> and <filename> should be replaced with the specific values.

Backendless also offers the other option to obtain file's public URL  by using Backendless console:

  1. Login to Backendless console, select an app and click the Files icon.
  2. Navigate to the file for which you would like to get a public URL.
  3. Click the link icon - file's public URL is copied to the computer's clipboard:

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