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ROI Calculator or How Backendless can save you money

Applications are created to satisfy the users' needs, from the one hand, and for developers profit, from the other hand.

That's why it is reasonable that one of the main features a developer seeks while choosing BAaS platform is business (profit) predictability of further activity within a platform.

As Backendless Service Platform is created for the best developers' satisfaction possible, it obviously possesses various options that covers developers' profit issues. Indeed, if you are a developer and are tasked to figure out how a product or a service can save money, it may be a daunting task.

One of such features is ROI (return on investment) calculator. Usually BAaS platforms develop this option in the way it turns into a very boring subject. Backendless does its best to make it fun. 

First of all, a developer can start with our service at no cost all - the Backendless free plan is very generous with unlimited API calls and no request per second throttling. 

On top of this, Backendless will tell a developer how much money a developer is saving just by using it. 

Here's how it is possible to accomplish:

  1. Make sure to follow the instructions from the post which shows how to create tables, columns and relations by importing CSV files. This is needed so a backend contains some table definitions and is not entirely "empty".
  2. Once in console, click the Code Generation icon.
  3. Select the client environment of your choice - available options are Android, iOS, JavaScript and ActionScript.
  4. Click any (or all) check boxes on the screen - each check box represents a feature.
  5. Click the Calculate ROI button. Backendless calculates how much money a developer will save by using the generated code and shows the results of estimation:

The Saved Development Cost popup gives you several options to customize the estimate. The Code applicability % slider lets you choose how much of the generates code you think you can use. The Labor cost/month drop-down has several options for how much you or your developer earns per month. Finally the Developer efficiency drop-down has a few options for how many lines of code your or your developer writes per month. With all of these parameters combined, the estimate takes into the consideration how many lines of code has been generated by Backendless (see the Lines of code line) and creates a dollar estimate. In the screenshot above, my savings are $11,900. Not bad for a few clicks ))

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