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Sending pub/sub messages from Backendless console

Backendless Service Platform provides a developer the publish/subscribe messaging API. The API can be used to broadcast messages which can be received by multiple client apps.

Note: it is important to distinguish the pub/sub messages from the Push Notification ones. There is a number of technical differences and the purposes where an app should use one mechanism or the other.

When developing and debugging applications which use the Backendless pub/sub API, it may be very handy to publish messages without writing additional code. 

For this purpose, Backendless console supports the message publishing function. 

To see it in action, run the subscriber code from Basic publish/subscribe messaging and accomplish the following operations:

  1. Login to Backendless console, select an app (must be the same app which the subscriber app uses) and then click the Messaging icon.
  2. Make sure the default messaging channel is selected. Enter the text of the message into the Message text area and click the Publish button.
  3. The message will be displayed in the table of messages in the Messaging screen as shown in the image below. Additionally all the subscriber apps receive the message.

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