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Using REST Console to delete objects

Backendless REST Console is a tool capable of driving REST queries against Data Service. It is useful when a developer needs to validate a REST command or for testing and diagnostics purposes. REST Console is available in a dedicated tab on the Data screen of the Backendless Console. 

This topic describes he API to delete a data object.

Deletion of a data object requires knowing objectId. If objectid of the object which should be deleted is unknown, it can be obtained in the Data Browser available on the Data screen of the Backendless console.

To delete an object using REST Console a developer should follow the next steps:

  1. Open the REST Console interface.
  2. Click the name of the table which contains the object to be deleted.
  3. Enter or paste the objectId value into the Object ID field.
  4. Click the DELETE button. REST Console sends a REST request to Backendless and if object is successfully deleted, a developer will see the response similar to the one shown below:

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