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adding google sign in to Android


i am new to backendless. i am connecting google+ with backendless. i am having diffculty creating config file for client.

i am following the documentation for 4.0. when i click link it naviigates me to firebase. i cant find the next steps a4ae030ee714397107b91a0f72038ef5

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Wow, seems like thinks have changed dramatically since Firebase integrated with google. Ok, if you've already gone through the previous steps in documentation - it means that you already have a google sign-in project.

1. Now navigate to: and add the google project you've created (

2. Enable Google authentication

3. Go to project settings

4. Add to Android app

5. Fill out the form which will pop up (every field has tooltips explaining what to do to get necessary data)

6. Register app

7. On the next step click the button ''Download google-services.json"

We'll update the docs ASAP