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Additional 10 req/sec

One of my API takes very often too long, I don't know why, sometimes it works in 3,4 seconds but often it timeouts or takes more than 10 sec.

Any idea why this could be?

And would the "Additional 10 req/sec" in the marketplace speed up this api performance?. It's not a matter of quantity of request but, one request that sometimes takes too long though

I'm planning to release the app tomorrow(finally) so a quick answer(as usual) would be very much appreciate it.


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Hi Alfredo,

Hard to tell, it could be due to a plenty of reasons. If you could prepare a standalone sample which would reproduce the hangs, maybe we could help you better.

"Additional 10 req/sec" won't help in this case, since they are related only to the number of API calls.


Thank you Sergey