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I'm looking to run a query on a table that counts the number of rows up until a particular condition. An equivalent query in standard SQL would follow this format:

I've searched documentation and found a statement saying that you only support the WHERE clause of the SQL query.

However, there's also forum posts indicating that more advanced queries are part of the Backendless roadmap:

Is a feature such as this currently supported, or is support planned in the near future?

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Hi Cameron,

The capability to run statistical SQL functions (SUM, MIN, MAX) is not supported yet. It would not be possible at this point to create a single query which would do what you're after.

We are planning to add support for these in version 4 of Backendless.




I had need the sum function I know it is not available, but I do this in a while loop, it works but my worry is that backendless returns only 100 result, and to verify the account of my users I have to go through all Its transactions in my table "crediter"

double comp = 0;

While (CrediterIterator.hasNext ()) {

Crediter crediter = ();

Comp + = crediter.getMontant ();


Is this backendless can not return all transactions (list of data)?


With Backendless Cloud you will get 100 objects for each request. You can use paging to get all of the data in multiple requests. With Backendless Pro and Managed Backendless, the limit on how many objects are returned does not exist.