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Android Push Notification not showing up

Hello guys.

I can't find what I'm missing, sorry

I've read similar problems and double check

- The api is enable

- I copied the api key to the panel correctly

- All permissions are correct in AndroidManifest.xml (Maybe you need to add <uses-permission android:name="com.solana.engtrain.permission.C2D_MESSAGE"/> to the documentation page)

- The device gets registered correctly

but I'm missing?

I've tried in a motorola with android 6.0 and in a nexus 7 with android 5.x and it doesn't show up

working in Android Studio with api 24

Thanks in advance

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Hi Sergey

I'm going crazy on this one.

I just tried the pushdemo app on two of my phones.

I also deleted the project on google develope and created a new one(copy the new api key and the new project id to the mobile settings panel and in the code)

And both phone register OK and both phone send messages ok but neither of them receive any message or any notification.

Any idea please ...


I also

downloaded API 23 just to try the pushdemo as it comes configured


Here there should be some traffic you guys send right?