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Any Ideas on Optimization of 'Mass Updating Objects' Time taken by Backendless

Hello Backendless ,

I played around and tried a few of things with Using Custom Business Logic . And I am in a problem. Joining some Bit of History on the Problem was Under the Comment at my Post :

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I have to Update Multiple (around 200-1000) at least Of my Data Tables at Once. One Viable Built -in Solution matching somewhat near to it is using Backendless Messaging API and Sending a Message to a Channel of Followers.But, I want the data tables to be written in the Data Store. So , I tried Custom Business Logic and achieved it But The Time taken by Custom Server Code to update Objects were a bit on the slower Side. I took my average as

10 Data Tables/ Second. If I were to take 1000 of Data Tables (or Users to be Notfied under the hood ) , it would take me around 2 minutes for the Last User on the List to Recieve the Data .

I contacted with Regarding this and I was said that the Execution time of the Server Code Limit can be uplifted If I host my App at Dedicated Servers, but the Rate of Writing Data Might still be the same ( or with little or no Optimizations ) as I was told by the Suppport Staff. Okay , I am ready to update my plans and raise the limit of Server Execution Time but , what i really want to happen is Those Writing Objects to Data Stores Operation happen a bit faster.

So , What's really bothering me Is If I could achieve a little bit faster rate of Writing Data to DataStore Tables. (Somewhere around 20 s / 1000 Tables ) FROM THE SERVER CODE ITSELF , NOT INVOLVING CLIENT Here.

Is this Thing Available Via Backendless,

If there are any ways, I can achieve this : Please guide me as this is really getting me Stuck

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The only guidance we could offer at this point is to migrate to a dedicated environment where we would have more freedom to customize things for you. The performance you're getting now is 100 milliseconds per invocation, which (in my mind) is really fast for a shared mbaas hosting environment.