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AS3 SDK Open Source with blank function


Thanks a lot for providing AS3 SDK open source.

iOS Device Registration for Push Notification is not working with AS3 SDK, so when I looked into the open source, I found that handleIORegistration function is empty!

Is it because backendless ANE currently doesn't return ios device token?

When I tried to fetch the device token through AIR native RemoteNotification functions, I can successfully get the token, and my device also gets registered.

But in doing so, I get DeviceRegistration object as null because now I am not using PushNotification.instance.register() method.

Please see the modified code in attached files and help.

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Hi Tushar, did you managed to register devices from as3? Have you got a working example?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Roberto,

Sorry I saw your post just now.

I used REST API for my app. Device gets registered successfully with REST API.

Not sure whether latest AS3 SDK with this fix is out or not.