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Backendless 4.0 beta and .NET support

I'm currently developing a .NET app with backendless 3.0 as backend. Now with 4.0 in beta out, I wanted to try it out.

To my surprise there isn't much to find about support for .NET

When trying to init the connection I get a failure that the version is disabled. I've tried to provide different kind of values like "", null, ... but it doesn't work. Will there be an update of the SDK or is there a workaround so I can connect with .NET to backendless 4.0.

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Hello Kris

On app initialization you don't need to provide version anymore, just appId and secret key. Documentation for .NET SDK will be provided but a bit later, I'll respond in this topic later regarding approximate date of its release.

Regards Anton


Hi Kris,

The latest build of the .NET assembly is available at:

We're working on updating the docs. Meanwhile, we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.