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Backendless 4: How do I list more than 100 records on the same page

In backendless 3, I was able to list more than 100 records on the same page using this

// final CountDownLatch latch = new CountDownLatch( 1 );

if(responseSize>0) {



else {



please how do i achieve this in Backendless 4 since response.nextPage(this) is not in use anymore.

I saw this queryBuilder.prepareNextPage(); but it is not working with latch.countDown();

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Hi, Jimmy.

We have no functionality to retrieve more then 100 objects per page in 3.0. And in 4.0 the same situation.

To retrieve all object from table you should use queryBuilder, and invoke prepareNextPage() and a Data.of("<tablename>").find(queryBuilder) in cycle.

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