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If we upgrade our account to a pro developer plan or cloud 9 plan, does the whole account get upgraded? Or is it just the app that we select that gets upgraded?

We have a dev environment that has more than 1,000 items in a data table. Is there an exception that you can make to allow us to keep that even if we are on the free plan? It isn't really information that we need, we will just have to go in and manually delete the extra 1000+ objects in the data table which will take a long time. It is an app that we use for development and because there was no limits on the plans before, we just kept on adding items to the table. Now that there is a limit, it will just be inconvenient to delete all that data manually.

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All billing and purchases are per app. Every app has its own limits, its own billing plan, its own credit card, etc.

If you need to keep an app on a free plan, make sure that it complies with the limits associated with that plan.