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Cannot deploy codeless


I recently changed multiple codeless handlers and functions in my application and wanted to deploy them when I changed all.

The first handler I changed, I deployed directly, that worked well. After changing the other handlers, I wanted to deploy and now I cannot deploy them anymore, everytime this error message appears:

"Could not parse request with message: , status code 404, headers POST


At the moment there are 13 undeployed handlers and I can't deploy them since an hour or so...

Is it an error in backendless? Poorly I cannot undo or reset the changes I made (if I could, would be no problem, this was only a very small change in every single handler).

Best regards

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Hello, Jonas,

Please check if you have exceeded limit of business logic. We will fix an error message in next release.


Hi Sergey,

currently I'm running the Developer Plan, nothing should be exceeded. See attached image.

Btw: I tried it in the meantime with Firefox, Internet exporer, Opera and different internet connections.


Sees to be my PC, browser, cache or something else. At another PC with the same Firefox version it works perfectly.