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"code":12014,"message":"The version is not found" Rest API

curl \

-H application-id:B1C50FB0-5D98-6BCF-FF60-C2F9C44EFF00 \

-H secret-key:xxx \



Am I doing something wrong? thanks

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The URL of the file is wrong - you're using the URL which is accessible through console. That URL is available only for the app developer, but cannot be used from the API.

Take a look at the URL format in the doc for "File deletion:


Thanks for your quick answer Mark

Your link is about the file API, not sure if that applies to my problem or not

I'm trying to delete all the rows of a table(DailyRanking14) through the Rest API that I bought in the marketplace. I know I can use the bulk delete from the free console API but I wanted to use some of the functionality I'm paying for(very cheap by the way)

My url was based on this documentation


Hi Alfredo,

The <versionid> field means version ID, not version name. You can retrieve the mappings via this route: