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Delete a user safely

After using the console for a while I've realized how easy is to delete an user. I think is something to consider since is not an undoable operation and has a high cost for the administrator.

I think it will be helpful to add some kind of secure mechanism to ask for a confirmation when deleting data from the tables or at least users since data like their passwords are completely lost and forces the user to register again. You cannot even contact them with their mail to say sorry.

Obviously you could argue that is responsibility of the adminstrator/developer not to trigger unsecure operations but I also thing that as developers is in our hands not to facilitate easy error prone operations to users, that in this case are we the "developers"/ "clients of your application". :)

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Jose Luis,

It is definitely developer/admin responsibility to treat the data with the utmost care. Likewise, when you run a "Delete *" SQL query the database will not ask you if you are sure to do it...

Deleting a user in Backendless Console requires 2 clicks (first to select a user, then click the Delete button). Once could argue if the functionality were available with a single click, then, yes, it would be rather error-prone.