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Devs need to know about small system changes/fixes

In backendless github I can see SDK updates/changes, but I have no idea about changes, fixes and updates in Backendless system itself. There are usually, blog post for major release, but total lack of information for minor ones. Like, what does the new column types "Extended String", "File Reference" means.

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I agree. Would like to know what these two new column types are and there limits. Are they available to all SDK's and REST?


That's my bad, guys. I am responsible for pushing information through our blog. The backlog of my own "todo" tasks is not shrinking and things do fall through the cracks - this is a good example..

"Extended string" - this is a new type we introduced to support emojis. A lot of people, most of which are those who migrate from Parse, bring content with emojis and it has been a problem since the encoding in the database we used didn't allow those types of characters. Changing the encoding globally would be a problem since the underlying storage would literally triple in size (because of encoding). As a compromise, we decided to introduce that new type. Unless you plan to use emojis, do not bother selecting "Extended string".

"File Reference" - this is a step 1 of 2 from our path to introduce support for direct file references from data objects. The data type indicates that the data stored in the column is a URL. It can be a URL to an external file or a file stored within the Backendless File storage. Step 2 (which is not done yet) is to provide support for file references on the client side. The net effect of it will be that when a data object is returned and it is a file reference, the client will automatically fetch the file and make it available programmatically for the client program to use.

Hope this helps and I promise to get better at sharing the information for the minor releases.