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How to fetch and query throw system or custom table and display the value of a particular property ?

hi guys,

actually i have 3 question:

my app contain a table view and search bar , and the function that i want to do is ( i type a name or a partial of name and the table view cells display all the users with this name or part of it )

1\ what is the function that fetch (query) the users table and display only the names property OR any property i choose, not hall data?

2\ for the search bar what is the function to search part of a text not hall text ( for example i type "sema" and it show the users ===> Semantha and Semanthy ) ?

3\ what is the function that fetch (query) a customized table and display only the property i choose ?

i'm using Xcode 7 Swift 2

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Hi Nassir,

The answers to all your questions are in the documentation:




Thanks Mark