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How to handle Timer startDates properly

I have the following code from a Timer I've had since the v3.0 days (but now running in a v4.0 app):

  1. @BackendlessTimer("{'startDate':1492200000000,'frequency':{'schedule':'daily','repeat':{'every':1}},'timername':'VerifyGooglePlaySubscriptions'}")

    public class VerifyGooglePlaySubscriptionsTimer extends com.backendless.servercode.extension.TimerExtender implements MyLogger


  2. ....

The annotation's startDate equates to UTC: Friday, April 14, 2017 8:00:00 PM.

When I run I get: [WARN] Timer's 'VerifyGooglePlaySubscriptions' start time is in the past. The timer will run accordingly to the schedule.

Today I deployed some non-timer changes and the Timer's startDate shows in the console as:


The questions I have are:

Why is the start time set to the time I deployed - 14:29:03 UTC (11:29:03 JST)?

Can't it preserve the original 8:00 PM UTC?

I don't want to have to update all my Timers' startDate annotations every time I do a deploy.

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Hi Simon

I've created an internal ticket for it BKNDLSS-16394, and we will notify you here when the problem is solved asap

Thanks, Vlad


Hi Simon,

Issue has been fixed and released on Jan 19, sorry for delay in notifying.

Best regards