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how to upload an image to a geo point and when retrieve it it will pin instead of the location icon?

It's simple

I want to upload an image it belongs for a geo point on backendless and when the user call the geo point, it download with the geo point instead the location set icon

Thanks in Advance!

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Hi Abduallah,

Please provide what you have already tried and why it did not work, it would then be much easier to understand your request and provide further assistance.


Hello Sergey,

my question is about how to link between a geopoint and a specific file on the storage!

I've run through the documentation and i did't find how to achieve that.


Hi Abduallah

You can use "metadata" of GeoPoint,

when you create a new geoPoint just add what you want as metadata, in your case

metadata: {



Regards, Vlad