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Importing failed.....MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Unknown column

ApplicationHello, We have a situation where I need to refresh an existing Backendless application with data-schema changes from another Backendless application.In attempting to perform a schema/type export form one application and then importing into the destination application we're facing a reported error via email.

215:46:20 IMPORT_DATA Importing failed. Exception:com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Unknown column 'current_level.9D811381-4A6A-373D-FF0D-AD935B7E0000' in 'Users.DE84CD9A-A108-3EF5-FF9B-9148D23E7000'

In this table, within the source Backendless application, the users table current_level field is a string. In the destination Backendless application, the users table current_level field is a relationship to another table. I believe this emitting this failure, could be wrong but that is why I'm here asking ;)Regardless, how do we force refresh without requiring folks to hand enter all changes between applications with the Web front-end.Additional info you'll likely ask for:Source Application ID: 6310BC44-383B-6119-FF03-01F4D2EC6D00Destination Application ID: 467026CB-77DD-803B-FFFB-051EBAC2A300The ultimate outcome I need is to reflect all schema changes made in the source to my destination application.Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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Hi Charles,

You are correct - the difference in the column types results in the error. If I understood you correctly you want to enforce the source app schema onto the target app? If so, would it make sense to delete the conflicting column in the target app and let the import procedure handle it's creation?




Will report back for closure of issue.



It worked, thanks.