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Increase a few limits for free plan

There are a few limits like the one for the number of tables that are very strict. Would you ever consider increasing some of the limits?

Users can't do anything with the Backendless app if they are not able to make enough API calls. The API call limit is essentially a bottleneck that would require a developer to upgrade to a paid plan. The reason I think it would be beneficial to increase other limits is so that developers can create new apps on backendless without paying for it. I feel like if developers can't use the platform for free while they are building an app, they might not try the service.

Disclosure: We want to have a development environment but we don't want to have to pay for a second app ;) It is just a suggestion! You know the business better than I do for sure.

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Since the next plan is only $7.99, I think this is the kind of amount that any development team can afford. After all, we're asking for the amount that is less than 2 cups of Starbucks latte.. ):

The free plan is intended for a developer to become familiar with the platform, play with the features, etc. When you start building apps, the Developer plan is the one that would be a better fit, that's why we called it "Developer".

Hope this helps.



Completely understand! Thanks.