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REST: Is ampersand not allowed in a where clause?

I am using an exact match search (columnName='{value}') and some of my values contain an ampersand (&), but I get this error when I try querying by text with an ampersand:


"code": 1025,

"message": "Invalid data query parameter: T tours)(1word)'"


where T tours)(1word) is the text after the ampersand.

I've tried it both in my REST client and the Backendless console with the URL encode button.

Maybe there is a workaround for strings that already contain an ampersand?

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Hi Jeff,

Ampersands in URLs are handled in a special way by the HTTP protocol. You should encode such special symbols, for example instead of "a&b" use "a%26b".


Thanks for the quick response!

I thought that would fix it as well, but it still recognizes it as a new piece of the query (see screenshot where I highlighted the %26 that replaced the &, and still get the error in the console)


Hey Sergey, any update on this?


Hey Jeff

Could you please provide your App-Id and the search string and I try to investigate it

Regards, Vlad