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Parent relation query on two tables


I have two tables, each with a relation to a user from the Users table.

I want to query users which are in one of the two tables, using this query (I am trying in the search bar of the web console, in the Users table):

  1. MotionOperators[user].objectId <> '' OR AeroOperators[user].objectId <> ''

I get the error "Could not perform persistence operation: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQ... Not unique table/alias: 'relateduser'" (part of the error is cut off in the tooltip).

It seems there is some internal variable naming bug or something, because when I change the user property to operatorUser in the AeroOperators table, this code does work as expected:

  1. MotionOperators[user].objectId <> '' OR AeroOperators[operatorUser].objectId <> ''

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Hi Jeroen,

I have reproduced this issue and created internal ticket (BKNDLSS-13176)

Please use the workaround described by you till our developers will fix it.

Thank you for feedback.

Regards Ilya