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Parse User Table is not properly imported


I am trying to import my Users table in parse to Backendless server using JSON file. I could only see 20% of users after import. The format of my Parse user is table is as following.


"Name": "",

"bcryptPassword": "$2a$10$LeJEP0SJ49DGgnI9yPCXGe7SjKLR9iWt1ogHOrWxgxz4NLQfC6s0W",

"createdAt": "2016-03-23T10:38:56.632Z",

"email": "",

"objectId": "02C9wJKaLT",

"os": "Android",

"sessionToken": "6DbCAvgndwU5RFdCTmjBWgrWA",

"updatedAt": "2016-03-23T10:38:56.632Z",

"userType": "2",

"username": ""


Do I need to create the similar table structure on backendless server before importing the User table from parse? I am struggling to import this last two days while all other tables have been successfully imported.

Look forward to a quick solution.


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Could you check if user's identity correctly configured here ?

also you can open file service -> import folder and get more info about problem from import log file.