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PGP E-Mail encryption

Hi all,

A costumer of us asked recently if we can also encrypt the mails we send from our Backendless application. Is it possible so far? Didn't found something so far.

Might this be a new feature for Backendless? I would find it nice, independently to my application, to make the web a bit more secure :)



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Hi, Jonas.

Are you asking about signing and encrypting emails with custom certificate and private RSA key?

if so, we have no in our roadmap the functionality to encrypt letters yet. But we'll consider it.


In general, yes. I mean that.

But I don't think about a certificate and private RSA key, but with an own Public RSA key.

E.g. Facebook has this nice feature. You can post in your public PGP key block and it will send you encrypted mails you can only open with your private key on your computer. (Don't want to make promotion for facebook, I know some other sites where you can do this, too :D )

Just as when you send someone else an encrypted mail.

Would be nice if it would be in future versions :)