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Please Create Backendless Construct 2 Plugin


we love backendless for its feature and easy to use

but like any other Small developer team we also have some difficulties in creating app / game because we just small dev and we have limited time and resource for learning coding

we have created some sample project by using backendless, and we saw it will become BIG as Great rival for Firebase !

we planning to use backendless for our next big client projects , but we created our project in Construct 2 ( ) ,

there's already Backendless Construct 2 Plugin created by c2 user named "Rexrainbow" and many c2 user created their game using it, but it deprecated since backendless have big update when it do commercial

please create plugin for construct 2 because A LOT of C2 user search for easy to use backend other than firebase...

and many of us put their eyes on backendless for storing their game data..

we believe if backendless team released their C2 plugin at C2 Addon forum, many of us will sign up and become loyal customer..., because Construct 2 user are huge and many of us can't code and also many of us are living by creating game


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Hey guys,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, we are not experts in C2.I have reached out to Rexrainbow to see if he/she would be available to help with updating the plugin.




Hey Mark,

we surprised with your effort to reach rexrainbow, this proved that you and backendless team are great and serious about developing relations with customer