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request Url is not executed ...

Why do I run Url request when I'm in debug mode ???

When not in debug mode,

the request Url is not executed.


Backendless.ServerCode.customEvent('foo', function(req) {

//add your code here

console.log( "event arguments: " + req.args );

var baseUrl = '';

var request = require("request");

request(baseUrl, function(error, response, body) {



// return {status:"Event Processed"} ;


return "event arguments: " + baseUrl ;


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1) The same code is executed in debug mode but not working when deployed to production?

If so please create a minimal verifiable sample so we could reproduce the behavior you described and send it to with steps to reproduce. It will fasten the investigation process.

2) How do you validate whether the Url is called or not?