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Save and Retrieve a image file in backendless

How can I insert an image file into a backendless database table.??? and also the retrieval of it.. what the data type should be there for a table field to save an image in the database.. Please help Me...

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Hi Riyaz

The first you need to deploy a new file to backendless, how to do this in your app you can find here

Or you can upload the file via Backendless Console, File Service

Then you need to define a new table column, go to Data Service, Table Schema and Permissions (RED button in the top right)

and add a new table column with type FILE_REFERENCE

Back to Data Browser and you see the column, click to dialog icon, see screenshot

You can select file from Backendless or just specify url, see screenshot

Now the file is added to table record

So, take a look how we can retrieve the file url, for it go to RestConsole and just click at GET button, you can that file url is there, see screenshot

Let us know if we can help you with anything else.

Regards, Vlad


Dear,Vladimir Upirov,Thanx for the swift reply.. I am able to upload file, save file into table and also retrieve the file using link. But I need to do these all stuffs from my .net application not from the backendless console. Please suggest me how to do these from .net application. C# or


The File_Reference column is similar to string column, and the column stores fileURL as a string, so get/set the value is the same as for another columns

Documentation how to deploy file to Backendless you can fine here

and how to get/save records here


Thanks alot.. Let me check with your suggestions..