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Servercode claims to be deployed but is not

I ran "npm run deploy" on my servercode, according to the console output it seemed to have succeeded, but it doesn't show up in the Business Logic tab, and when I hit my endpoints i get the dreaded "Service not found" error.

node version 8.2.1

npm version 5.3.0

backendless code runner version 4.3.6

console output:

$ npm run deploy

> XXXX-servercode@1.0.0 deploy /Users/XXXX/Desktop/Projects/XXXX/XXXXX/XXXXXXXX-servercode

> coderunner deploy

17:11:01.058 - CodeRunner(tm) Backendless JavaScript CodeRunner v4.3.6

17:11:01.061 - Copyright(C) 2017 Backendless Corp. All rights reserved.

17:11:01.065 - IMPORTANT!

The business logic code will be deployed to model "default".

Any business logic which is already deployed on the server in that model

will be removed and replaced with the code from your current project.

If this is an undesired behavior, stop now and set a different deployment model

either by using the --model argument or changing the model name in coderunner.json.

Would you like to continue? (Y/N)Y

17:11:06.631 - Building Model..

17:11:08.600 - Model Build completed

17:11:08.601 - Custom Types (1):

17:11:08.602 - Logs (models/logs.js)

17:11:08.602 - Services (1):

17:11:08.602 - APIService (undefined)

17:11:08.603 - Preparing app zip file for deployment..

17:11:09.325 - 37 files added into deployment archive

17:11:09.353 - Publishing Model to server

17:11:10.928 - Successfully published

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Hi Gal,

The first thing that comes up to mind is that the application IDs do not match. Have you verified this?

In case there's no mismatch between the app IDs, please send us the actual app ID you use and the servercode project you're trying to deploy (you may narrow it down as much as possible as long as it reproduces the problem).