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Service Gateway Timeout (504)


I have a script which handles my receipt validation with apple sandbox and production servers. Currently something is wrong with it because I get following error data:

"code": "EAI_AGAIN",

"errno": "EAI_AGAIN",

"syscall": "getaddrinfo",

"hostname": "",

"host": "",

"port": 443

This is the object I receive from Backendless. Can you verify what is happening? My app ID is: 9BD8EE9D-DF65-2CC1-FF65-52CF0162EC00.

Script is available under URL: Can you test if is accessible from you server?

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Additionaly my other JavaScript script stopped working and is responding with 504 or exceeded memory usage limit errors. Script available under URL:


Hello Pawel

Are you still able to reproduce the issue?

Regards Anton