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Service unavailable ...

I kind of feel bad coming every day to sort of bitch about the service but man ... it's one after another

I pay $5 a month for the Admin Management API just to pay something, I don't even use it. I know is not much but I want to add something so you do well...

But I'm sorry to say you are dropping the ball. The service slowing down every day until is unusable (save your time saying that right now it's ok), Service unavailable every now and then ... like today

I didn't expect the best service but I did expect a minimum quality standard. Shit not happening on a daily basis is exactly what I expected to be honest.

I'm running campaigns based on App Installs so if the user can not register or it takes ~20 seconds is money thrown out the window.

Hoping the Service unavailable was you fixing something and now everything works just fine


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Hi Alfredo,

Dropping the ball would be equal to us not responding to a post like this and not doing anything to make it better. That's to me what dropping the ball is. We're working rather hard to make it better. Sometimes we succeed at it and sometimes we do not see the desired results. With all the problems lately and the recent downtime the service uptime on the monthly run is at 99.5%. However, even if the service is up but a request takes too long to respond, that's not good, and we recognize it.

I know we will have it fixed, however, I'd like to remind that we see the Cloud version as a springboard for creating a prototype, experimenting with the service and running apps which do not require consistent and predictable uptime and response time. For all other scenarios, we offer Managed Backendless and Backendless Pro. With the Managed/Pro options, the guarantee of highly reliable uptime and consistent response time is above and beyond what the Cloud version provides.