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set backendless as subscriber

hi friends,

i have a situation here that i need add a service to backendless to be subscriber to some topic (to our private broker), when receive any message call some api in backendless and change our database. does it possible? it is vital, please help as soon as possible.

Actually i want to set backendless as a client for my private broker.

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Hi Morteza,

To accomplish this you would need some constantly running service in Backendless, which is currently impossible. The services in Backendless (API Services, Timers and Event Handlers) are event-driven services, which means they're not running as a background service.

However, it is totally possible to do what you want by writing your client app, subscribing it to your private broker and using Backendless SDK (Android/iOS/JS - depending on the language of your client app) to make API calls to Backendless when something is received from the broker. You'll need to host this client app somewhere outside Backendless to ensure it's always running.

Hope my explanations did address your issue. In case you have any further questions related to Backendless, please feel free to ask.


Thanks your answer help me.