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The application has been blocked due to exceeding the limit


I have checked the questions I could find that are answered by you about the issue. I couldn't find anything comes in handy. So, I am getting error with exception message " The application has been blocked due to exceeding the limit". As you had told in the other answers, I am not in the free plan. Also, we are not even close to reaching the limit as far as I can see by looking Billing > Explain Charges.

We are kinda in a rush because of the issue. So, I hope I can be assisted quickly.


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I will leave an update to here. It is because the transaction couldn't complete from the card. I've updated the card information and it is now fine.

Should have thought it in the first place.

Thanks anyway!


Hi Kutay,

You should have also been notified a few times to your email about the failed transaction. Please check your email if the notifications are there, and if not - please provide a proper email for this kind of letters and your app ID so that we could fix the notification settings if they're incorrect.