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Manual project configuration - IOS

Assigned to Dev Gareth P. Comments: 10 Reply 2 hours ago by Vladimir U.
1 vote

1:N relationship keeps loosing entries when saving within console

Waiting for user's response Jason D. Comments: 9 Reply 2 hours ago by Vladimir U.
1 vote

Library not found for -lavdevice

Waiting for user's response Nicholas D. Comments: 1 Reply 4 hours ago by Sergey K.
1 vote

ios push Notifications - missing features

Assigned to Dev Eyad P. Push Notifications Comments: 11 Reply 8 hours ago by Vladimir U.
1 vote

File upload: '400' [HTTP 400] <bad request>

In Progress Chris Comments: 5 Reply 16 hours ago by Chris
1 vote

Topic 500 error: Unknown video service

Waiting for user's response Santo L. Comments: 10 Reply 20 hours ago by Santo L.
1 vote


Solved Tapuat Comments: 4 Reply 1 day ago by Mark P.
1 vote
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