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Disable CORS on Files

In Progress Kalpesh M. Comments: 15 Reply 2 days ago by Marco A.
1 vote

Console - delete all in table doesn't work

Waiting for user's response Karol D. Server Code Comments: 2 Reply 3 days ago by Karol D.
1 vote

Can't deploy Business Logic

Solved Allen L. Comments: 4 Reply 5 days ago by Allen L.
1 vote

email sends both textmessage and htmlmessage

Assigned to Dev Yuriy Comments: 10 Reply 5 days ago by Sergey C.
1 vote

Table recreation - Null pointer exception

In Progress Karol D. REST Comments: 2 Reply 6 days ago by Karol D.
1 vote

Business Logic - Thread Creation

Solved Mitchell Server Code Comments: 5 Reply 6 days ago by Sergey K.
1 vote

Error code 503 on standalone backendless localhost

Waiting for user's response Oshogbunu M. Backendless on Windows Comments: 4 Reply 1 week ago by Anton G.
2 votes

null object Reference

Not a Problem Nomfundo N. Comments: 14 Reply 3 weeks ago by Olga D.
1 vote

coderunder not registering

Assigned to Dev Mitchell Server Code Comments: 4 Reply 3 weeks ago by Mitchell
1 vote
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