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How to update standalone server

Answered Dylan C. Standalone Backendless Comments: 6 Reply 1 year ago by Mark P.
9 votes
6 votes

Equivalent to Parse local datastore

Answered Brian A. Comments: 1 Reply 1 year ago by Sergey C.
6 votes

App has received warning about onReceivedSslError

Answered B.Bolgakov Android Comments: 14 Reply 1 year ago by Vitaly V.
6 votes

Table relationship with user

Answered Devin H. Comments: 13 Reply 7 months ago by Steven L.
5 votes

Resend of confirmation email

Answered Tal S. Android Comments: 28 Reply 1 year ago by xissburg
5 votes

Distance-based search on a nested data table

Answered Matt REST Comments: 8 Reply 1 year ago by Mark P.
5 votes

Is it just me or is Backendless going very slow today?

Answered thomas m. Comments: 1 Reply 2 years ago by Oleg V.
5 votes

Backendless is down?

Answered Aitazaz Comments: 4 Reply 5 months ago by Mark P.
5 votes
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