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4.0 Console - Geopoint Permission Error

I was adding some geopoints to my application via the new postman API, which succeeded. I then tried to add some more metadata to the geopoint in the backendless console via the (+) option, and on commit, it immediately displayed the following error:</img>

Im now unable to access any geo-related screens in the 4.0 console (logged out and back in a few times as well), and everything else in console seems to be working fine.

Any suggestions?
[spoiler=“Application ID is A324EB2B-1BF5-EB0A-FF36-62F47D198E00 if it helps”][/spoiler]

Hi Renato,

What is your app ID? We’ll take a look at it.


Thanks Mark! - A324EB2B-1BF5-EB0A-FF36-62F47D198E00

Renato, a temporary workaround is to grant permission for the Find operation to the NonAuthenticatedRole:</img>

Meanwhile, we will add a permanent fix in the code which will not require that change.


Hi Mark,

Thank you guys for looking into this.

Please inform when the code change is live and I will revert the permission back.


Hello Renato

The issue has been fixed, please confirm.

Regards Anton

Hi Anton,

I see that the permission for the NotAuthenticatedRole on find was revoked, and everything is populating as expected. Thank you!