A problem with code runner

I am using code runner to debug the server side code to deploy on production. Now, whenever i run code runner my app and the code is pushed to backendless in debug mode, my app cannot access any data in backendless nor event can it login using. But the moment i remove the custom business logic in backendless the App works perfectly.
I am using a windows 8 machine, Whats Happening??
Someone explain this to me. Please :frowning:

Hi, Samuel!

Did debug code runner work fine before?
Is your problem still present?
Can you share the project you use for debug? Please send it to us at support@backendless.com

Code runner is working fine. And even when i run it, the i can see the events in debug mode. Let me share the project

I have share the repos. Please check it out

Samuel, let me clarify.

When you do not run debug code runner, your app works fine. But when your debug code runner is running, you cannot perform login in your main app and cannot retrieve data objects?
I’m asking because I’ve just checked Backendless.UserService.login() method for your app and it works fine both with your debug coderunner running or not.
Please correct me if I did not understand your issue.

You are right that was the issue… Have you deployed coderunner right now? I can check it…

That’s right I had debug code runner running for your app. And login worked fine.

I’ll stop this CodeRunner for now.
Can you give us more description of the problem because I could not reproduce it with login method.