ACL bug on users table


Can you please check the ACL setting for Users table?

I have set the owner policy to update, find, but when I click ACL (the key icon) button, it does not show any user permission. It works well on other table I created. Can you please check it?

Platform: iOS

The last screen shot might be too small. I add another one here.

It is not a bug, there are just no users with permissions for the specified object.

I had set the owner policy, the owner was not counted as user? Owner is counted as a user in other tables. Why it is not counted for Users table?

Sorry, that’s my bad. I set the ACL for that table but I forgot it. But I have another question here.

Just as shown in the pictures. I disabled permission for roles as in the image. But I enable update and find permission for the owner. The owner is, but it does not have update permission.

I suppose the owner should have update permission. Otherwise what is the point of owner policy here?