Active user increase the first day of each month

Hi guys,
I noticed that every first day of each month the active users increase much more than the previous days (please, see the attached file).
Exactly what happens the first day of the month? How this value works?

Hi Francesco,

Interesting observation, I’ve just verified the same issue in another app. Probably it indicates an issue with analytics count.

I’ve created an internal task BKNDLSS-15905 to investigate it.
In the meantime, do you have an opportunity to see whether the same is observerd in Backendless 4 ?

Hi Sergey,

I think it was a normal behavior because, since I’m using Backendless, it is the same for each month.
But today I decided to write here to know why this happens! This kind of info is very important for me and for my business, I hope that there are no problems here!

BTW, no I can’t check for backendless 4 because I’m still not using it.

OK, we’ll notify you when there’s any progress on it. But be advised that the issues in v3 are not of high priority, especially the ones which are not blockers for the functionality, so this one might take some time.

Ok, but it could be interesting to know if also for the Backendless 4 is the same or if other people are experiencing the same problem.

Are you seeing the same behavior in Backendless 4, Sergey?

I don’t have an older app with active users on v4, unfortunately. But we shall definitely check it, too.