active users count not matching in backendless console

I use two different accounts for my logins, one for easy facebook login and the other for loginWithTwitter. I tested my app with only these two accounts but the dashboard displays 5 active users for my app. Please can you explain why am having 5 active user counts in my dashboard even though I have used only these two acounts so far.

Ps Jimmy

So at any point of time you didn’t have more than two user objects in the Users table?

No please? just two.

What is your application id?

Hi, I have been testing out the service with facebook login, I am the only one that has used my test app. My account says i have 13 active users?

My app ID is A4EE2F49-A073-AF04-FF1D-A8B645BE7300.

I have tried resetting the app but this does not change th active users count.