Active users wrong number

Hi guys,

in January active users of my app were 19000 and it seems to me a normal number considering the previous stats of the previous months.
But from 1 February to today (11 February) my app just reached 50000 active users. It seems a strange number to me and I make a search trough iTunes connects stats: the total number of downloads of my app is 32100.

How is this possible?

Hi Francesco,

What is your application id?

Hi Anton,
my app ID is 235A9D5C-40D9-D888-FF05-4CF678D82800


Francesco, this is a known issue in 3x applications. The internal ticket id is BKNDLSS-15905.
Unfortunately it’s not that easy to catch the root cause of the problem, but we’ll notify you as soon as we have any results with this. Note that it does not effect any of the applications functionalities, it’s only an analytics issue. Sorry for inconvenience


So I can’t have correct analytics? That’s very important to me…is not possible to understand the wrong value which is?

Hi Francesco,
I agree that having incorrect analytics may affect your business in some way, that’s why I’m willing to look into it further. But note that bug-fixing in 3.x is currently not of high-priority, so unfortunately this may take a while. Anyway, I will try to keep you informed here on any progress we make with this issue.

By the way, do you consider migrating to Backendless 4? It seems that in the new version this issue is not present, therefore it could be the best solution for you, considering that version 3.x won’t be improved any further and only critical bugs will receive quick fixes.