add informations to a table in swift3

hello again,
i’ve been trying to put my users informations in the table “users” on backendless useing SWIFT3
but its not working, thats the code i was using before swift3 became available and it was working perfectly :
let user: BackendlessUser = BackendlessUser() = self.emailUser.text
user.password = self.passwordUser.text

Please use an attached project as example. It works for us, how will it work for you? (19.27MB)

but how can i add these information for a specific user, the user logged in with facebook on the application ?

If user logged in with Facebook (SDK or easyLogin), you can make some action with currentUser, for example, update some user property:

    func saveCurrentUserWithGeo() {
        Types.tryblock({ () -> Void in
            var user = self.backendless!.userService.currentUser
            let geoPoint = GeoPoint.geoPoint(GEO_POINT(latitude: 34.05, longitude: 52.75)) as! GeoPoint
            user!.setProperty("location", object: geoPoint)
            user = self.backendless!.userService.update(user)
            print("saveCurrentUserWithGeo - User has been updated: \(user) \ncurrentUser -> \(self.backendless!.userService.currentUser)")
            catchblock: { (exception) -> Void in
                print("saveCurrentUserWithGeo - Server reported an error: \(exception as! Fault)")

can you be more specific, for example if i wanna change the current user email address ?

and the code u gave me is not working, thats the error im getting when executing saveCurrentUserWithGeo() function :

fatal error: unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an Optional value

i just want a simple way to update the currently logged in with facebook user email,
for example accordind to the users facebookid i could choose witch user i wanna update his email