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After import Geopoint is not related to object

After exporting my parse data and importing it to backendless, all of my geopoints are not located to my objects? Am i doing something wrong?
The top is what it should look like.</img>

Hi Sean,

As I understood you imported yours app data in next steps:

  1. Export all app data from Parse as single zip file
  2. Open Backendless Console, click on ‘Manage’, then click on ‘Import’ and finally click on ‘single Zip file’ link
  3. Attach your zip file
    Am I correct?

If no, please, let us know about how you imported data.

If yes, please upload the Parse’s export file to either Dropbox or Google Drive and send the link to so we can investigate it further.


I did exactly what you said and i still got the same result.

Ok. We are already looking into it. Thanks for your patience.

Ilya D

Hi Sean,

Please, try to import this data again.



Yes its working now. Thank you very much for your help