After logging out and logging back in, relation doesn't load.

If i start my application fresh (wasn’t in background) and login, everything works fine and relations are loaded, if i close the whole app, then relaunch it, and check for session and all that stuff then finding the user by id and do setCurrentUser(user); all works fine, now the strange thing is that if i try to logout(), then log back in, while the app is still running (didn’t kill the process or force close it) the relations do not load, however if i logout, kill the app, start it, log back in, the relations then are loaded, i tried using .loadRelation method to load “workBranch” property when user logs in and if the property is empty, it doesn’t load, what could be the problem?
i tried to do like this while running debug, i logout, logback in, and invoke a method that is used to check for session whenever the app starts so i can transition the user to the correct activity, this method check for isValidLogin, then check for CurrentUser, then check for objectId, then find the user, what i realized is that when the user login the CurrentUser gets updated? i tried to set it null, then find the user again as an object and then set it, thought this might be a workaround with everything loaded, but no, it didn’t work.
did i miss something here that i should do when the user logsout? all i did was set a certain property empty (like online status and current device id that is using), update user then invoke logout()

Logout/login have absolutely no impact on how relations are loaded. Login/logout work with the User service, while relations work with the Data service.

However, if you believe there is a problem with the Backendless API or the backend, please provide a sample program that demonstrates the problem. It needs to be a small sample rather than a complete project because we do not debug user projects and need to focus specifically on the API we provide.