After social login redirect to web page url

On social login how to redirect to an url and not an page in backendless

Specify a page in Backendless in the redirect page argument in the OAuth user login block and in that page do a redirect to the URL you need.

Thank You @mark-piller

HI @mark-piller
but i want to pass user token after OAuth to next redirected page

That’s not a problem at all:

Hi @mark-piller
Actually after OAuth
in get current user obeject there is no user-token field

  1. accountType: “OAUTH”
  2. blUserLocale: “en”
  3. created: 1644396091000
  4. email: “…”
  5. id: “…”
  6. lastLogin: 1644535519000
  7. name:
  8. oAuthIdentities: [{
    displayName: “…”
    oAuthId: “…”
    providerCode: “googleplus”
  9. objectId: “…”
  10. ownerId: “…”
  11. phoneNumber: null
  12. socialAccount: “OAUTH”
  13. updated: 1644396091000
  14. userStatus: “ENABLED”
  15. ___class: “Users”

I just checked, you’re correct. Here’s how you can get that information. First, use this block:

Click, the gear icon:

Make sure to select “Return result” and add the following code:

Here’s the text version of that line of code:

return Backendless.LocalCache.get("user-token");


Hi @mark-piller
how did you add custom code to user-token?
i cant add

Add the code first and make sure to select the “Return result” checkbox.

Thanks alot @mark-piller its working!!!

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Good job!